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We are your Cost-Effective Solution for Standard & Urgent Delivery of Small Packages around Seattle, WA and the Greater Puget Sound.

At The Seattle Courier Company, we are not just a delivery service. We are a solution when it matters most. We work with all budgets to provide the solution you need today! Give us a call any time 24/7 365 at the number listed below. We are happy to take your call anytime around the clock!

Washington State
Seattle // Everett // Tacoma

Who We Are
We Are Experienced, Licensed, and Insured Couriers Who Are Dedicated to The Needs of our Customers!

What We Deliver
Mail, Gifts, Garments, Auto Parts, Dry Cleaning, Tools, Supplies, Groceries, Documents, Process Servers, Small Errands, Medicine, ​Messages, Merchandise, YOU NAME IT!

How We Do It
No Mileage Fees. No Peak Charges. No Excess Waiting Charge.
  • Weekend Delivery Available!
  • Airport Deliveries Available!
  • Free Return Service within 10 miles of pickup address!
  • We Palletize Shipments!
  • Cargo Storage Available upon Request!
  • Drop Shipping to USPS, Fedex, and UPS!
  • Local Convenience Delivery Available (Food, Snacks, Groceries, etc...)

Ordering Process

  • Send Pick-Up/Drop-Off Addresses + Points of Contact to
  • We will forward you an Invoice. Once paid, your order is cleared to be picked up. All invoices MUST be paid upfront. No exceptions.
  • You will be sent confirmations via Email, Phone, or Text upon Picking Up and Dropping Off.

***​Same Day, Next Day, & Overnight Delivery Available.***

Call Now for Free Estimate!
We'll Beat Any Courier Pricing!
Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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